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Ryan Seacrest hosts a Windows Phone event with Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer

Celebrity Direct Inc. is comprised of experienced celebrity talent buyers, expert concert producers and professional stage managers. Having experts in these fields, working on your behalf is vital when hiring a celebrity to perform at your event.  We have a team of pros ready to step in at each phase of the process. From selecting and booking, advancing production requirements and day-of show management, we can deliver a complete turn-key show to your event nationwide.

Here are a few tips and hiring celebrity booking advice to help have a flawless celebrity performance. The following are a few things to consider when booking  a celebrity for your event.

The 3 Best Tips for Success When Booking a Celebrity

Buy Direct and Regularly – The negotiating power that comes from booking talent directly with the artist or their personal management and not layers of agents and middle buyers cannot be duplicated in any other way. Vast expertise in the negotiating process gets the the best name for your entertainment dollar. The importance of having an advocate working for you, in a world where there are no “set prices” is vital. There is however, normal pricing given to qualified talent buyers who book artists regularly and directly. We always contact celebrities directly and on your behalf and we remain as your advocate throughout the entire process.

The Time to Discuss a Celebrity Performer is During Your Venue Selection  – Most “wish lists” of Celebrity performers immediately shorten based on the venue selected. That’s a shame. Experienced planners consult with us prior to contracting the venue so that the entertainment and production options can be addressed simultaneously. Being limited in your entertainment choices because of space, stage, rehearsal and/or set-up time not being available are usually avoidable issues when addressed early on.

Be Realistic  – Booking a major celebrity name for your event should be an exciting experience. No doubt the anticipation throughout your organization make the stakes very high. Expectations will be huge. But, please don’t expect Jerry Seinfeld to have dinner with the CEO the night before the event. Please don’t demand the day of show that Sheryl Crow agree to be filmed during her performance holding your product and to say a “few nice words”. The performance contract is for the performance only, anything else the celebrity does should be discussed and negotiated at the point of booking, including the VIP meet & greet.

Celebrity Selection, Hiring and Booking Advice

Tips, advice and how to avoid costly mistakes. Stay on budget and utilize all celebrity opportunities at your event. There is a lot to consider. We wanted to give you this quick look at a few of the many variables and things to consider when planning a celebrity performance at your corporate event, non-profit event or private performance. We are always positioned as your advocate throughout the entire process. Always looking out for your interests and concerns to create a successful celebrity event.

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