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Avon CEO Andrea Jung with Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie performing at an Avon event

Avon CEO Andrea Jung looks on as Black Eyed Peas Singer Fergie sings Happy Birthday at Avon’s 125th Celebration Event

Having an organization comprised of experienced celebrity talent buyers, expert concert producers and professional stage managers are indispensable when hiring a celebrity to perform at your event.  We have a team of pros ready to step in at each phase of the process. From selecting and booking, advancing production requirements and day-of show management, we can deliver a complete turn-key show to your event nationwide.

Here are a few tips and celebrity booking advice to help have a flawless celebrity performance. The following are a few things to consider when booking a celebrity for your event and staying on budget.

The 3 Most Costly Budgeting Errors When Booking Celebrity Performers

Hire a Talent Buyer that Works on Your Behalf – We buy directly. Negotiating with the celebrity themselves or their personal management. Not layers of agents and middle buyers that inflate costs and add nothing to your performance. We are always positioned at your advocate throughout the booking process and we never let you overpay.

Get a “Turn-Key” Priced Performance – Understanding the complete cost of a performance typically includes the artist’s performance fee, the technical production rider and all necessary travel and accommodations. It is our best recommendation that clients ask us to produce a completely turn key show inclusive of all expenses.  The risk of increased costs fall completely on us as the producers and therefore there are no issues about “last minute” bills for “unforeseen” items. Over the years we have found that when we take the responsibility for all costs, our client remains pleased with the process. We find there is no good way of asking a client to pay for extras the week of the event, no matter how good the reason or how demanding the performer’s whim.

Have a Pro Negotiate the Production Requirements – Knowing how to “talk tech” with a major touring artist’s production manager is not an enjoyable process for a first timer. In fact, even experienced producers get out witted sometimes. Most nationally touring acts have an approximately 75 page document of sound, light, staging, and musical equipment rental requirements that are perfect for a performance at Madison Square Garden. Smaller shows, as in a performance in a hotel ballroom, must be negotiated and agreed upon by the artist. One of our technical producers working on your behalf ultimately creates a suitable production plan for the corporate event venue, typically saving the a client, as much as, $10,000 in lighting requirements alone.

Celebrity Selection, Hiring and Booking Advice

Tips, advice and how to avoid costly mistakes. Stay on budget and utilize all celebrity opportunities at your event. There is a lot to consider. We wanted to give you this quick look at a few of the many variables and things to consider when planning a celebrity performance at your corporate event, non-profit event or private performance. We are always positioned as your advocate throughout the entire process. Always looking out for your interests and concerns to create a successful celebrity event.

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