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How to Utilize All Celebrity Opportunities

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Having an organization comprised of experienced celebrity talent buyers, expert concert producers and professional stage managers are indispensable when hiring a celebrity to perform at your event.  We have a team of pros ready to step in at each phase of the process. From selecting and booking, advancing production requirements and day-of show management, we can deliver a complete turn-key show to your event nationwide.

Here are a few tips and celebrity booking advice to help have a flawless celebrity performance. The following are a few things to consider when booking a celebrity for your event and staying on budget.

The 3 Biggest Missed Opportunities When Booking Celebrity Performers

Meet & Greet with the VIPs – We find just about every celebrity we work with are happy to do a  meet & greet with your organization’s VIPs. But don’t spring it on them the week of the event or worse, the day of the performance. These requests should be well planned and made part of the initial appearance contract.

The Private “in-concert” Performance – Many Celebrity musical artists are pleased to be asked to perform at corporate events. The private aspect means no promotion to the public. However, within your organization a lot can be done to rally enthusiasm and grow attendance.  Internal promotion can whip of enthusiasm and get prospects to attend your event over your competitors.

Customization to your Specific Event – Comedians across the board enjoy riffing on a specific client industry or audience, but many also enjoy getting the CEO into their act. For concert performers, there are many musical tie ins as well… Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing”  has been turning up on corporate stages regularly.  More then a few event themes have been enhanced by Tina Turner’s “Simply the Best” … maybe there is a song that makes your marketing message come to life?

Celebrity Selection, Hiring and Booking Advice

Tips, advice and how to avoid costly mistakes. Stay on budget and utilize all celebrity opportunities at your event. There is a lot to consider. We wanted to give you this quick look at a few of the many variables and things to consider when planning a celebrity performance at your corporate event, non-profit event or private performance. We are always positioned as your advocate throughout the entire process. Always looking out for your interests and concerns to create a successful celebrity event.

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