Celebrity Selection, Booking and Production Services

Corporate entertainment buyers choose Celebrity Direct Inc. to provide any number of the following menu of services or as many planners, select a complete “one fee, we’re responsible” turn-key production from us. Our services begin at the celebrity selection process. Progress to the celebrity booking process and if desired, on-site produce the performance for your organization at your event venue nationwide.

Throughout the process, we remain your advocate, negotiating on your behalf directly with the celebrity or their personal management. Having an advocate looking out for your interests, your budget and your show’s success is unique in this crowded field of entertainment agents and producers.

Celebrity agency agent manager

Kid Rock performs for a General Motors event

Celebrity Selection

You may have a vision of a particular celebrity performer at your event, or maybe you need help selecting the right act. For more than 20 years we have been selecting the right performer to match the corporate event’s desired goal.

Taking into account the audience demographic, corporate message, event theme or mission, event budget and logistics, we then review tour schedule (if an act is planning on being in your event’s city the week of your event and will be less costly to produce then another act that would incur more extensive travel and production expenses) and tell you our experience with that particular show.

We know which celebrities like performing for corporate audiences…and who doesn’t, who gives a great show…and who just goes through the motions… and that’s where our experience separates us from other entertainment firms that don’t book celebrities on a daily basis.

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Booking Service

Because we work directly with the celebrity themselves or their personal management, we are the most direct source for availability and pricing. Our pricing is always lower than going through layers of agents that don’t book that particular celebrity on a regular basis. Because the act receives several dates a year from our offices, we have the buying power and get you the right price.

We’re Your Advocate

Uniquely positioned as your advocate throughout the process, we represent and look out for your interests when negotiating, booking and producing the celebrity performance. And we won’t let you overpay.

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Production Services

The celebrity is selected, negotiated and booked, now the production begins. A celebrity level musical act can have a seventy-five page or more document attached to their contract known as their Technical Rider. This is the list of requirements the artist has in addition to the performance contract. The Technical Rider will include artist required sound system, staging, lighting, musical instrument rentals and all labor necessary to set-up, sound check, break down and load out of the equipment. In addition to the Technical Rider, with any national touring artist their will be a list of travel requirements and catering needs.

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