Celebrity Selection | Making Sure You Don’t Over Pay

We Are Your Advocate to Select, Hire and Book Celebrity Performers

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American Idol’s Ryan Seacrest joins CEO Steve Ballmer at Microsoft event

Isn’t it important to know that the firm you’re working with to select and hire a celebrity performer has their interests aligned with yours? We think it is.

The fact remains that the vast amount of organizations that represent and book celebrity performers work directly for and are responsible only to the celebrity.  How does that help you in the negotiating process? The short answer is… that it doesn’t.

Advocating for The Buyer

Firstly, we work for you, the buyer, the corporate event planner, non-profit organization or private individual and not the celebrity, musical act, comedian or sports figure — we negotiate on your behalf directly with the source, the celebrities themselves or their personal management.

We Don’t Let You Overpay

Our relationships with celebrities are extensive. There are no price lists in our business, however based upon our experience regularly buying celebrity performers, our trusted relationships and our vast experience producing their performances, we know what it’s suppose to cost.

Keeping Production Costs Down

Next, we can produce the celebrity appearance, musical or comedy performance or keynote speaker completely in-house with our own production staff and not hiring a lot of different vendors. Keeping the production costs down is the goal. Then our on-site experienced staff will executive produce the entire performance.

Choosing a Musical Act, Comedian or Celebrity Keynote Speaker.

MUSIC – A performance by a fantastic music artist will definitely impress. These “in-concert” performances are incredibly unique experiences because although a guest can buy a ticket to a public performance when the artist is touring near their city, many performers that are not on tour will agree to do a performance for your organization. Additionally seeing a concert in a large venue or stadium does not compare to the intimacy of experiencing a musical act in the private hotel ballroom that your organization has chosen for this event.

Hire a Celebrity Music Artist

COMEDY – Comedy shows are fun.  If the idea is to create a fun event for the the convention ending gala or to keep the costs down by hiring a comedian that will have much lower production costs then a musical act, the right comedian can be a huge hit. We have had lots of success with pairing comedians with non-profit causes.

 Hire a Celebrity Comedian

CELEBRITY SPEAKER – A celebrity level speaker or presenter can create the “wow” your organization is seeking. Although many A-list celebrities are hard to contract, we have access to them all and can tell you is your ideal celebrity speaker is attainable. We can also offer suggestions that may help organize your thoughts and help you decide upon.

Hire a Celebrity Speaker

Celebrity Direct Inc. is your direct source for hiring and booking celebrity music artists, comedians and speakers. Our relationships with these celebrities are the basis from which all our company services extend. See more information about The Booking Process for a comprehensive look at what you should know about acquiring the biggest celebrity name for your entertainment dollar.  

We always work on your behalf to select, negotiate, book and produce the best celebrity performance for your event. Most importantly, Celebrity Direct Inc. is your advocate throughout the entire process.