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Hire The Beach Boys for Your Event

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The Beach Boys Songs

  • “Good Vibrations”
  • “God Only Knows”
  • “Wouldn’t It  Be Nice”
  • “Help Me Rhonda”
  •  “I Get Around”
  • “Sloop John B”
  • “Fun , Fun, Fun”
  • “California Girls”
  • “Surfin’ USA”
  • “Don’t Worry Baby”


The Beach Boys Bio

The Beach Boys formed in 1961, by 3 brothers (Brian,Dennis, and Carl Wilson) , a cousin (Mike Love), and a good friend (Al Jardine), this band became known as the Beach Boys. Their first hit, was “Surfin'”. Dennis came home and told his banded family and friend (they had already formed, but they didn’t have any records, singles, or anything out, just had the whole “band” idea and all down) that they should write a song about surfing. 

Well, they did. Mike sang lead, Brian drummed (Dennis couldn’t drum yet), Carl played guitar, and Al played a double bass. That started it all. After that, they went on to have hits such as, “Surfin’ USA”,”Help Me, Rhonda”,”I Get Around”, “Fun,Fun,Fun,”, etc. Bruce Johnston took Brian’s place in touring in ’65, so Brian could concentrate on the writings and productions. 

Then, 1966 came around. The year when Brian would release his greatest gem, “Pet Sounds”. This album would become, “The Greatest Album of All Time” according to MOJO. After Pet Sounds, a “pocket symphony”, as Brain Wilson describes it, was put out, “Good Vibrations”. That went to number one both here in the US and across the ocean in Europe. After that, nothing happened for awhile. As they were very popular in England, the US ws blind to their talent at the time. And they released some great albums and singles, and a couple hits, but nothing really shook the charts. 

Brian was having less involvement, and the group was under lots of pressure. Then, they became a real “big” touring band! Their concerts were huge successes! And their 4th of July concerts were real popular, too! The last forth of July with the original BBs was in 1983. That year, on December 28, they lost the heart of the band, drummer Dennis Wilson. Despite the loss, they had to continue, I mean they were the Beach Boys, they had been the Beach Boys their whole adult lives. They had ups and downs, disagreements within and without the band, and times when one member would leave the group or be fired temporarily, or when they thought they were going to break up, but things always worked out. They were always the Beach Boys.


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