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You've heard about the demands for "only green M&Ms" and that "coffee must be stirred counter-clockwise only" but here are some other contractually required items from favorite Celebrity performers of the past.


 For confidentiality purposes, current performers are not included.

 (We really wish we could tell you about Aretha, Whitney, Cher, Diana and all the hip-hop acts that compete with the grandest of Divas, but... we cannot.)

Although many items were routinely requested, the following items always stood out.


Frank Sinatra:

  • 12 rolls of cherry Lifesavers
  • 3 cans of Campbell's Chicken & Rice soup (heated)
  • 24 chilled jumbo shrimp
  • 1 bottle Jack Daniel's
  • 1 bottle Courvoisier

Luciano Pavarotti:

  • We are very strict on noise control
  • HVAC must have no audible hum or noise
  • There must be no distinct smells anywhere near the Artist
  • There can be no flowers in the dressing room or backstage

Johnny Cash:

  • An American Flag on a pole stand (typical size 3' x 5') is required in full view of the audience throughout the show
James Brown:
  • (1) one stretch limousine, black or white, 186 inches long, current year
  • Professional hooded hair dryer
  • There MUST be an oxygen tank and mask on stage at all times
  • As close to Mr. Brown's dressing room as possible, a room for his wardrobe mistress

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